Friday, June 12, 2009


So it's been over a month since the last post, but, in weekends, that is only like 8 or 12 days. Seriously. If I looked at calendar I could count how many, but let's just get to the photos.

We'll start with our touchstone, Mr. Jack Baxter. He's the supervisor. We need something recognizable before launching into mystery...

Hmmm... What on earth?

Aha! It's the removal of ceiling paper! All painstakingly pealed off with a standard 1" razor blade. For a few hours, we were thankful the kitchen is as small as it is.

Upper cabinets! (Yes, these are the same cabinets we put in upstairs, but they are, in my humble assessment, the highest quality cabinets for the price that you can get. Also, technically, these are only the doors, as Husband made the boxes out of real wood instead of using the store bought melamine version).

Next up... carpentry. Casing for the archway, more properly called a cased opening. There also some more drywall work going on in the "fridge nook"

And now there is wall, but alas, picture is sideways. Maybe I'll fix that. Later.

Same faucet, different sink. Smaller, whiter, squarer.

Generally throughout this project we have not been without kitchen sink more than one day, but this last stretch we did let the sinkless state last longer than 24 hours. We had quite the back log of dishes. Here's the highlights of the dishwashing marathon:

Even baby helped.

So after sink come base cabinets.

After base cabinets come doors on drawers.

After base cabinets comes the supervisor to inspect.
(Ok, ok, this is out of order, the sink's not yet hooked in this image.)

Second to last, but not least: hooray for tile!!!
Shiny pretty tile!

And then... Last AND least: boo for dishwasher.

NOT visible in the image above, and not at all worthy of its own picture, is the dishwasher. The dishwasher arrived and was hooked up several days before the shiny tile appeared on the wall, but, alas... It was a brand-spankin' new, special-ordered, fancy-pants "panel-ready" dishwasher that doesn't work! Repair tech came out and declared its computer stupid, ordered a replacement, and will be back 8 days (8 days!) to repair the brand new machine. Stupids.

And here's the funny part. It's the same repair tech guy who came to fix the brand new fancy-pants range on the third floor when it didn't work out of the box. Different brand, different appliance, different store, something like a year and half ago, and yet, same repair nerd. Weird.

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