Friday, November 16, 2007

Home. Re. Pair.

So I thought it about time to post some pictures of the home-sweet-home, thought it’s not been a sweety, homey kind of place for a while. It’s a long story that is not worth telling of misplaced dreams and not enough time; bad contractors and even worse other things. And besides, anyone who's reading this knows enough of the story anyway.
This is not quite a "Before"... more of an "Early" image. I am not dating these images to protect the guilty. But that is lathe, lots and lots of lathe.
That is a sidways view with sheetrock--that column-like thing is the same column-like thing as in the first image. (Turn your head 90 degrees for better viewing)
OK. Now this one is in the turret. I think I need a "before" picture before this one, but I just suddenly realized that I need to step away from the computer. So this is a cliffhanger. More to come...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh and there was dancing

Yes, dancing!

Bulls Blood, Paprikas, & Friends

Ohhhh… When the Minnesota Hungarians get together, you’re going to feel it the next day. We ate too much, drank too much, and danced too much. It was a good time. The Gralenas are in town, the half of the Molkens crossed the river, and the half that did brought her Mom. A good time was had by all, and by some, a little too much of a good time.
Our table, the focus is a little funky.
The DeeJay and his protege
The wonderful raffle-ticket-and-sausage salesgals, putting the hard-sell on the deejay stand.

The reluctant?... no, the eager bartender
A half Mol-ken and her Mommabird.


And then came the raffle...

Our clan made off like bandits in the raffle. J-Man scored the first prize. Having only purchased one ticket, he was quite amazed. Mommabird won a bottle of wine, Cousin-T won a Rubix-Suduko (how Hungarian!), Mister-J won a lovely doily, and the grand prizes went to the table as well. Mad got the PAPRIKA PALINKA and Bob won the CAKE! Hooray!

Not everyone could win the palinka, though.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hollow Evenin'

Taking a queue from the CEOs of the world, I am backdating a few things here. Halloweens. It was fun. Master Jay and I went to party the weekend before, we were costumed as a carrot and a bunny.Master Jay’s costume required some last minute stitchery—you can’t have 4 ears! BTW, that’s my estate sale 35-dollar sewing machine. It’s a swinger, I mean, Singer.

The carrot costume—constructed via self-made rules in under 30 minutes of things already existing my apartment—weighed heavily on my wee little skull (The plastic fern was a-stuck in my ponytail), so I did not re-costume for the actual holiday on the 31st. Magyar-E & Magyar-T did costume, and the less painful bunny-costume reappeared for the great candy hand out.

For the record, Magyar-E holds the record for scaring the most children. Her devil costume brought tears to a few little eyes. Magyar-T handed out candy like he'd been doing it all his life, although this was his first Halloween. I did my small part in purchasing about seventy or eighty bucks of candy, which was gone by 7:45 PM. Lord forgive me for the teeth of the children.