Thursday, March 19, 2009


Get it? It's a pun...

Don't like puns? Well, let's start with a cliche then. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them.

Another kitchen.
What? That looks like a green wall to me. Where's the kitchen?

Well, the kitchen is trapped behind the green wall. And it is our job to let loose the inner kitchen. So we will start by assembling kitchen items in the green room, and making a little plastic tent world.

Next you beat the living crap out of the little room that shouldn't be the kitchen anymore. It's not pretty. It's not even fun, and it's no job for pregnant people (putting those two words together makes me laugh) so I didn't take part in it.

The wall with the large wound in it is the backside of the green wall, if you can imagine such things. So the not green backside of the green wall loses its plaster, and the dropped ceiling gets, well, dropped, as in, buh-bye. Happily there was nothing too terrible hidden in the ceiling--just a wonderful transom window we knew would be there, and some crazy wall paper (er, ceiling paper) that I could not coax my camera into photographing adequately. (Hint: click on photo to enlarge to reveal ceiling paper in all its glory.)

Well, to be fair to the man who did all the hard work, there was one surprise: loose fill insulation. The gray, toxic "snow flurries" made for a lot not-fun during the demo, but loose-fill is easier to get rid of then, say, a cast iron pipe or squirrel carcasses.

And here is the resultant chaos: green wall reveals its inner kitchen. It's going to a lot more therapy before true acceptance occurs.