Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More treehousin'

Things are moving along, and it is just a question of which will happen first: I run out of patience, I run out of money, or this actually gets finished. Place your bets.

But there is good news--bamboo is laid, bathroom keeps getting more white, appliances are getting hooked up instead of getting ripped out, and, most exciting of all--I now have water pressure the likes of which fire fighters would marvel over (at least on the third floor of a 120+ year old house they would.)

I'm floored.

Now we're cooking... well, almost. Now we're washing dishes in a standing position.

The bathroom pic I think says it all. No kitty for the KPR yet, but as the rest of the place gets to be kitten-ready, it's getting near to be kitty-shoppin' time.

And tonight, I will cook dinner on a stove. I hope I remember how.